Warden's Project Final - Voting Form

Welcome to the Warden's Project Final 2020 and many thanks for taking part in the voting process!

The Warden’s Project is an opportunity for pupils to create a piece of work on anything of interest to them and to develop new skills which will be invaluable throughout their education. The Warden’s Project focuses on the learning journey and the development of key skills such as;

Self-regulation, Organisation, Research, Development, Presentation, Self-reflection.

Adjudication Guidance: - For each of the Finalists, we would like you to award an overal mark between 10-1 (10 being highest mark), using the following 3 criteria:

Presentation -  To what extent has the pupil demonstrated clear knowledge and interest in their artefact and spoken with confidence about their Warden's Project

Challenge - To what extent has the pupil identified and shown succes in overcoming challenges faced whilst completing their Warden's Project

Evaluation - To what extent has the pupil reflected on the skills they have developed and evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of their Warden's Project

Warden's Project Finalists 2020

Elena Azais Tatistscheff (Macnamara's) - The Way to a Happier Life *
Millie Cooper (Corfe) - Indigenous Art *
Lara Davidson (Jubilee) - Designing an Outfit *
Joss Harrison (Kendall) - Why we should get more sleep at school *
Patrick Maxwell (Cowell's) - 'The ideas of Fiction: Dostoevsky' *
Tom McPhail (Field House) - A Quarantine Cookbook *
Alexander Meredith (Field House) - Giving something back *
Olga Muravitskaya (Oakthorpe) - Street Art *
Seb Wilcox (Segar's) - Making cheese and milking animals with a focus on the use of bacteria *
Howell Zhang (Sing's) - GPS golf ball (smart golf ball) *

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